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If you want to take the path less followed or travel in high end luxury, talk to our team today about planning a bespoke package or luxury holiday tailored to you.

Viva Escapes

Want to travel in high-end luxury or take the path less followed? Do you want to hike to the top of Mt Fuji or spend a week on a luxury safari tour in Africa? Our team of dedicated consultants want to spend the time to fully understand what your perfect luxury holiday looks like, then turn it into a reality with a bespoke package or itinerary for you.

We specialise in luxury holidays and can make your travel dreams come true – ask us today.

Why choose Viva Escapes?

We stand out from the rest

Arranging the perfect luxury holiday requires an expert. With over 75 years of travel behind us and a lifetime of unique travel experiences, we understand once-in-a-lifetime travel doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. Our years of experience working with destinations across the world helps us create itineraries that other travel agencies simply couldn’t manage.

We are a one stop shop

We can organise it all from transfers to a trek towards Machu Picchu, private transfers to relaxing on your own private island. We do this seamlessly with our tried-and-tested suppliers worldwide, entirely simplifying the process for you.

We entirely eliminate stress

We helpfully assist and guide you through all itinerary changes, travel bookings and intricate experiences meant just for you - meaning no stress and more time to focus on the fun stuff. And if you need to change your plans when you are away we can take care of everything for you so you don't have to sit on hold or worry about changing things in the middle of the night in a different timezone.

We think out of the box

We provide unique and innovative solutions that will have you well informed and well prepared, well before you hop on the plane, and long after you return.

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