The ultimate destination

Step back in time with your loved ones while exploring historic cities, witness unrivaled ocean views framed by glorious sunsets and dine on simple fresh cuisine to die for, the Greek islands are really the perfect place to have the wedding of your dreams.

Where should I stay?

Greece is an amazing place to get married, but by far the most popular is in stunning Santorini. Famous for those amazing blue domes and for the sunsets watched with cocktail in hand from the Caldera, it will ensure you have incredible photos to look back on!

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Where can I have the wedding?

From a blue domed event space to a secluded beach overlooking the world-class sunset, or even something like Sophie’s hotel in Mamma Mia, Greece has so much to offer you and anyone you bring along to your special day.

Will my marriage be recognised worldwide?

The process can vary between regions and islands and can be a little complex, so we have our team over there to guide you through it all. The application process may take a few weeks so it is important to start as early as possible.

Is it budget friendly?

We can arrange a budget friendly, stress free special day that looks just like the one in your imagination!

A feast for the senses

When asked, most people will talk about the stunning blue domed white landscape of award-winning Santorini. Sunsets viewed from the incredible Caldera is a bucket-list item to be ticked off, and it is also a unique environment for home-grown food and wine, but there is also much more to Greece than that.

Greece is home to marvellous monuments such as the beautiful Acropolis in Athens, with a history everyone must experience at least once in their lives. There is also a plethora of innovative tourism options, if you are into photography, street art or ancient history for instance. The food is incredible here, tomatoes bursting on your tongue in a fresh Greek salad, indescribable. 

Enjoy the perfect island wedding on Greece

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