Introducing our Destination Wedding Bridal Registry

Setting up a bridal registry in your local department store used to be a way for a newly married couple to furnish their new home. But nowadays, most people have already taken the leap to live together, and how many 4-slice toasters or kitchen appliances do you really need? 

So after many requests from Brides drowning in 4-slice toasters, we brought to life the Viva Destination Wedding Bridal Registry. Imagine instead of receiving a wrapped wedding gift that will stay in your pantry until the end of time, your friends and family can contribute towards the cost of your wedding or honeymoon. 

But, aren’t they already paying to attend my wedding? 
For those guests that are making the trip to be with you on the day, you may feel that they are paying enough, after all their presence is better than presents. Often though, people still want to contribute to your wedding, or those that can’t make it may wish to still play a part. 

How do I set it up?
It is simple to set up. Just let us know and we can give you the details or add it to your Viva wedding website. Participants can then send us payments whenever they want, and we will automatically add it to your account. We will keep a note of who paid so you can thank them later!

Can I contribute?
Yes, we can also extend this registry concept to you as well. As well as the gifts from loved ones, you can also pay off your wedding the same way. How much easier would it be to pay a set amount off each pay day and watch that final bill get smaller and more palatable by the time it comes to pay your final balance? We can combine your payments with those donations and deduct it from your final invoice.

How much is it?
We think you should sit down for this one…. We are at no extra costs to you! Sounds too good to be true? Well this is one case where your Momma will take back the phrase “nothing good comes free”. 

How do I tell my guests about the registry?
We can simply add the details to you Viva Travel Wedding Website to get the word out. Haven’t heard of our wedding websites? Read more here! 

Want to learn more? Contact us below for more information!

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